How Wearing Crowns for Your Teeth in Thibodaux Area Work to Solve Your Dental Problems

How Wearing Crowns for Your Teeth in Thibodaux Work to Solve Your Dental Problems

Over 2.3 billion adults suffer from tooth decay globally. That is, in any group of 4 people, one person is likely to have tooth cavities. The good news is a professional dental service can restore your teeth to their original size and shape.

But how? With dental crowns!

A dental crown is a tooth restoration process that returns your tooth to its original size and function. This article explains how wearing crowns for your teeth in Thibodaux solves your dental problems.

Strengthening Your Teeth

Dental crowns work to strengthen a weak decaying or damaged tooth. It does so by covering the entire tooth. Such strength is necessary to ensure the tooth does its job without suffering further damages. Further, teeth caps protect your tooth from further decay.

Restoring Your Teeth

Perhaps the most significant role of dental crowns is to replace damaged teeth. If your tooth has chipped, cracked, or excessively worn down, crowns can be your perfect solution. The crown provides the stability that the tooth could otherwise be unable to support on its own. Since it’s a cap that encloses the tooth, it prevents the teeth from coming into contact with anything you’re chewing. So, you can maintain your natural teeth with no fear of decay.

Dr. Jared Palmer, and the Acadia Family Dentistry team, can help you get a fully functioning mouth. So, you can eat and communicate without a hassle.

Staying in Their Place

A dentist places a tooth crown permanently in your mouth. Thus, it becomes a part of you. Crowns are comfortable to wear, ensuring you attain the desired outcomes.

Improves Your Smile

Yes, we are not perfect. However, this doesn’t mean you broadcast your imperfections to every person you come across.

A tooth cap helps cover several tooth imperfections, including chipped or discolored teeth. A dentist can match the cap to your teeth, giving you a natural and pleasant smile.

A smile is a vital asset to any person. But if you have decayed, misaligned, discolored, or damaged teeth, you may not be in a mood to smile. A dental crown or tooth cap offers you an opportunity to restore your smile permanently.

Do you want to restore your smile? Call Dr. Jared Palmer and the Acadia Family Dentistry team in Thibodaux to book an appointment. You can reach the clinic at (985) 303-2920 for new patients and (985) 446-2888 for existing patients to book an appointment.

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Dr. Jared Palmer - Acadia Family Dentistry

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