Protect Your Teeth, Preserve Your Smile with Custom Night Guards for Bruxism in Thibodaux, LA Area

Protect your teeth, preserve your smile with custom night guards for bruxism in Thibodaux, LA

Are you reliant on pain medications to cope with chronic, daily headaches? Do you experience stiffness when you open and close your mouth? Do you suffer from radiating facial pain? These are a few of the telltale signs of bruxism, also known as “teeth-grinding.” Many patients don’t realize they are bruxers until after dentists like Dr. Jared Plamer evaluate them during routine check-ups. Dentists are often on the frontlines of detecting this condition; they see its damaging effects. Fortunately, dentists are also on the frontlines of treatment. Custom night guards at Acadia Family Dentistry in Thibodaux, LA, are a discreet, hassle-free way to protect teeth and dental work from damage. The right, well-fitting oral appliance can also relieve the tension that is placed on “overworked” joints, which can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

Take back the quality of your life

If Dr. Palmer suspects that you have bruxism, he will discuss symptoms with you. Depending on how you answer, we may find that night guards are an appropriate way to prevent further complications and ease symptoms that may interfere with your ability to concentrate or to get a restful night’s sleep. Patients are frequently surprised to be told that they are bruxers because teeth-grinding often occurs during sleep. Patients may also subconsciously clench or grind their teeth during the day when concentrating or as a response to stress. It is for this reason that the condition may be categorized as “awake bruxism” or “sleep bruxism.” Some patients clench their teeth and jaws throughout the day and while sleeping.

It’s estimated that up to 250 pounds of force may be placed on the teeth, jaws, and related oral structures from the act of clenching and grinding. Oral appliances that are customized to fit your mouth can lift these tremendous forces from your teeth, jaws, joints, and muscles. So, they effectively improve pain, stiffness, and migraines.

Additionally, these appliances are made from durable yet lightweight materials. Since they are so discreet, patients generally adjust to wearing these appliances very quickly and easily.

In fact, patients may even slip these appliances into their mouths during the day as needed. There are a variety of devices. Some designs resemble a sports mouthguard or retainer, whereas others slip over the lower front teeth to cushion the blow from chronic, intense grinding and clenching.

Protect and invest in your smile and well-being

Sometimes, patients who have had significant dental-work may be concerned about excessive wear on fillings, crowns, bridges, and other restorations. Oral appliances that fit precisely and comfortably for optimal coverage and functionality prevent the need for what could be thousands of dollars in repairs to (or replacement of) restorations. Likewise, there is no tooth that functions quite as well as a natural tooth. Acadia Family Dentistry strives to preserve natural teeth, avoiding damage caused by bruxism with portable, easy-to-wear, and effective custom night guards or oral appliances.

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