Dental Filling Procedure in Thibodaux Area Rebuilds Natural Teeth, Conservatively

Dental filling procedure in Thibodaux rebuilds natural teeth, conservatively

A healthy tooth is like a completed jigsaw puzzle. Injuries sustained from contact sports, falls, and other accidents can damage portions of that puzzle. The effects of periodontal disease (or gum disease) and decay can also erode the tooth; instead of a complete tooth, pieces of the tooth are destroyed. We at Acadia Family Dentistry make the tooth “whole” again. We do so with our gentle, conservative, and cost-effective dental filling procedure.

From the office in Thibodaux, Dr. Jared Palmer repairs damaged tooth structures with composite resin dental material. A mix of high-performance plastic and micro glass-like particles, composite resins look and feel like natural tooth structure. They mimic details about natural tooth material, including how light bounces off of the tooth. Additionally, this type of filling is built to provide lasting strength to the surrounding natural tooth.

Due to how the filling is placed, the repaired tooth is incredibly strong. The use of composite resin, rather than metals such as silver-colored amalgams, preserves natural tooth structure. There is no better tooth material than enamel. The protective covering of our teeth is actually stronger than skeletal bone! So, the more natural tooth that we can protect, the better off the filled tooth will be over the long term.

If Dr. Palmer determines that a filling is appropriate to repair your damaged tooth, he will generally:

  • Numb the affected tooth precisely with a localized anesthetic – Fillings are very commonplace and straightforward procedures. However, by numbing the tooth, you won’t feel any sensations as the natural tooth is altered. Calming medications can also be discussed if you are nervous about treatment. Our priority is your comfort and stress-free experience!
  • Shape or “prepare” the natural tooth to “accept” the filing material – This step involves removing bacteria and decay that may be present. We’ll also clean the cavity or treatment site. In this manner, it’s like your tooth is getting a “fresh slate.”
  • Apply the filling material – Unlike indirect restorations, such as amalgam fillings, the composite resin is applied as a color-matched, pliable material directly to the treatment site. One layer of composite is placed on top of another layer, and each layer is hardened by a specialized curing light along the way. Afterward, very small adjustments or refinements are made, and the tooth is polished. So, it can shine in all of its natural brilliance.

The filled tooth will stay sturdy and healthy with good oral care and visits to Acadia Family Dentistry for routine check-ups and cleanings.

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Dr. Jared Palmer, Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Jared Palmer - Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Jared Palmer graduated with distinction from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2005.

Dr. Palmer has put numerous hours into continuing education, gaining certification in IV sedation, Botox, implant placement, Invisalign, and root canal therapy to augment his current skills.

He strives every day to try and make the dental experience as light-hearted as possible.

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