Do You Need Dental Oral Cancer Screening in Thibodaux Area?

Do You Need Dental Oral Cancer Screening in Thibodaux?

Oral cancer is a more serious issue than you might imagine. Though you think you may not have oral cancer, even those that do not smoke, drink, or partake in risky behavior can get oral cancer. For those looking for a dental oral cancer screening in Thibodaux, Acadia Family Dentistry can get you squared away.

What is a Dental Oral Cancer Screening?

  • Visual inspection
  • Further inspection of suspect areas

A dental oral cancer screening is a process that a dentist performs in the dentist’s office to identify any cancerous or precancerous areas in the mouth’s soft tissue. This type of examination is a process by which the dentist will do a visual inspection of the mouth to see if any issues are present and need further investigation.

The visual inspection can take place at your routine dental cleaning so that your doctor can keep track of your mouth and look for any problems that might be present. The visual inspection will allow your dentist to identify any problem area or areas that might need further examination. If your dentist sees a spot they are concerned about, they can then do further testing to see what it might be and see what can be done to treat it. Catching mouth cancer early is the best method for making sure that you will be able to treat it and that you will be able to get it treated fully.

Is Oral Cancer Screening Necessary?

An oral cancer screening is necessary even if you have no predisposition toward cancer and even if there is no history of oral cancer in your family or medical history. Oral cancer screenings are quick, they are simple, and they can be done in a matter of minutes while you wait for your cleaning, so there is no excuse not to have it done. Oral cancer is very treatable if it is caught soon enough, and with screening, you can get it treated and taken care of as needed.

Oral cancer screenings should be completed when you have your routine cleaning and help you get the best overall result and protect your mouth.

For those in the Thibodaux area, Dr. Jared Palmer with Acadia Family Dentistry can help you get your dental oral cancer exam. Call (985) 303-2920 today.

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