Covid-19 Health Update

Acadia Family Dentistry considers the health and safety of our patients and staff as our highest priority. We have implemented some additional precautionary measures apart from the universal precautions to ensure the health and well-being of everyone. Some of these measures are:
  • Scheduling high-risk patients at designated times
  • Subjecting all patients to a temperature scan at the entrance to ensure their temperatures are below 100.4 degrees.
  • Disinfecting reception room, check-in and check-out countertops and bathrooms every hour, and wiping doorknobs and sinks with disinfectant regularly.
  • Hydrogen peroxide rinses provided before treatment begins.
  • All patients will call to notify staff of their arrivals and wait in the car until they are ready to be seen.
  • Removing magazines, toys, and non-essential items from the reception room.
  • Practicing social distancing: which includes no handshaking and hugging.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Acadia Family Dentistry in Thibodaux Louisiana Area

When wisdom teeth are trouble and their removal is a must, as explained by your Thibodaux, Louisiana dentist

Acadia Family Dentistry’s friendly team and warm surroundings create an experience that you’ll want to come back to. So, thanks to these regular maintenance visits, we partner with you to prevent many of the conditions that lead to the need for extractions. However, there is one common condition that arises due to how the back molars and jaws develop: impacted wisdom teeth. In this situation, wisdom teeth removal in Thibodaux, Louisiana at the office of Dr. Nhu Le is necessary to restore healthy comfort and function, and to prevent complications (such as damage to other teeth).

The trouble with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are not inherently bad. But, by the time they develop (usually between the ages of 17 to 25), your mouth simply doesn’t have room for these molars to erupt properly through the gums. These teeth tend to become “trapped,” either partially or fully beneath the gum tissue. The resulting pressure can cause intense discomfort, and impacted teeth can also press up against surrounding teeth.

To avoid these and other complications, Dr. Le ideally monitors the development of wisdom teeth during routine check-ups. If it appears that these molars are growing in at an angle, or otherwise not erupting in a healthy manner, she will proactively recommend extracting the tooth.

The ease of extractions at a dentist that you trust

The Ease of Extractions at a Dentist that You Trust  at Acadia Family Dentistry in Thibodaux Louisiana Area

Acadia Family Dentistry applies the same gentle, light-touch, and comforting techniques that you expect from their other services toward the extraction process. The specific removal technique depends on if the tooth is visible above the gumline. In some cases, a tooth may be “lifted” non-surgically from the socket. Alternately, Dr. Le may precisely access the tooth and, once exposed, remove it from the socket. Regardless of the specific technique, rest assured you won’t feel anything! We use effective anesthetics and can also discuss calming and safe sedation for utmost comfort.

Before the tooth is removed, we also discuss ways to assure your healing is uneventful and fast; for instance, you can avoid complications by refraining from using straws or any behaviors that might dislodge the blood clot that forms at the extraction site.

Personalized, proactive care

Wisdom teeth can develop without any problems. Likewise, some people don’t develop these molars at all. Since every patient is so different, it’s important to get on a schedule of exams and cleanings at our office. Call (985) 303-2920 to book your appointment with Dr. Le, or select an appointment time online. We’ve now made it easy to book appointments so that you can have a healthy and attractive smile!

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Dr. Nhu Le, DMD

Dr. Nhu Le, DMD - Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Nhu Le believes that her patients deserve the best dental care and treats them like family.

She attended high school in Iowa, obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, graduated from dental school at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, and completed her General Practice Residency at the Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York. She worked for a group practice in Orlando, Florida for three years before moving to Southeast Louisiana and to New Orleans. She is currently following dental curriculum at Kois Center.

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