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The dentures that you deserve – teeth that look, feel, and function like the “real thing”

AAcadia Family Dentistry, we cultivate strong relationships with multi-generational families from Thibodaux and across Southern Louisiana. We know that every member of the family, regardless of age, wants and deserves to have an attractive smile that supports confidence and exudes health. So, for those individuals whose teeth cannot be preserved, Dr. Jared “Jay” Palmer discusses options for treatment to replace missing or failing teeth. One tooth may be replaced at our office with a single implant and crown or dental bridge. Or, many or all teeth may be replaced with conventional or implant-supported dentures. The results from our dentures service look natural and restore chewing and speech function. 

Rethink dentures

If you still associate dentures with ill-fitting, uncomfortable, “false,” or fake-looking teeth, we urge you to update your perception! The modern dentures we plan and design are made from the highest quality, performance materials. We also use advanced technologies to aid in precisely designing the dentures. So that way, dentures fit well and do not slide around. Dentures that fit precisely are comfortable, do not cause sores, and allow for clear speech and efficient, painless eating. 

Plus, due to the use of highly durable materials, dentures are an excellent investment in your smile and overall health and well-being. Our precision-designed, high-quality dentures are made to last. These materials can also be perfectly color-matched to blend in with the natural shade of the teeth and surrounding oral tissues. In turn, they do not look plastic or fake. They blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile and facial features. 

Today’s dentures are generally categorized as:

  • Conventional “partials” and full dentures – Depending on your needs, a framework of prosthetic teeth and gums may connect to remaining teeth or, as in the case with full or complete dentures, the prosthetic teeth, and gums are held in place by natural suction and denture products like adhesives. 
  • Implant-supported dentures – The denture is held in place by a minimal number of dental implants positioned in the jawbone by Dr. Palmer. Once the implants have healed and fused to the rest of the bone in the jaw, they can function as tooth roots to hold the denture in place. 

Additionally, we provide “immediate” denture placement. A provisional denture may be placed at the time that teeth are extracted. That way, you never have to be seen in public without your teeth and can also get a jumpstart on adjusting to your new teeth. Once the tissues have healed following extractions, the permanent denture may be designed and placed to ensure a proper fit. 

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As true partners in your health, our team at Acadia Family Dentistry can also advise on tips to help transition to your new teeth and on proper care and “maintenance.” Essentially, conventional dentures require ongoing services such as relining and rebasing. These visits help maintain the fit that is so important to patient comfort, healthy function, and satisfaction with dentures. 

These services are not necessary with implant-retained dentures because the bone in the jaw retains its strength and shape due to the continued stimulation that it gets from the implant and attached teeth that are connected to it. Routine exams, cleanings, and good home care are still necessary to keep the surrounding tissues healthy and to ensure the long-term success of your implants. 

Contact our office in Thibodaux, LA, to learn more about your options to replace a single tooth or a mouthful of missing or aching teeth. Our friendly and skilled team can be reached at (985) 303-2920

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Dr. Jared Palmer, Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Jared Palmer - Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Jared Palmer graduated with distinction from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2005.

Dr. Palmer has put numerous hours into continuing education, gaining certification in IV sedation, Botox, implant placement, Invisalign, and root canal therapy to augment his current skills.

He strives every day to try and make the dental experience as light-hearted as possible.

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