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Complete dentures restore your smile’s function and appearance in Thibodaux, LA

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If you have suffered the loss of most of your teeth or need a full mouth extraction, complete dentures are a great way to restore both the appearance and function of your smile. At Acadia Family Dentistry in Thibodaux, LA, Dr. Palmer understands the impact that tooth loss can have on all areas of your life, including your self-confidence. She provides compassionate, individualized care and customized tooth replacement options to help you feel great about your smile again!  

How complete dentures work

Complete dentures are used to replace a full arch of teeth and consist of either a full upper denture, a full lower denture, or both. Complete dentures are a great option for many patients because they:

  • Restore lost function, such as the ability to eat and speak properly
  • Are the most economical way to replace a full arch of teeth
  • Restore the appearance of your smile
  • Are removable for easy care and cleaning

The process for getting complete dentures

Because dentures are custom-made for your unique mouth shape and to reflect your individual preferences, it is a multi-step process to create your complete dentures. First, impressions are taken of your mouth so that the dentures can be fabricated to our specifications. Then, when they are ready, you come into the office and we will have you try them on to ensure that they fit properly, making adjustments as needed. We will also take the time to go over all of the information you need to know about adapting to life with dentures, how to take care of them, and recognize signs that you need to come into the office for an adjustment.

Typically, if a patient needs all of their teeth extracted, it is best to wait for their gums to heal before we create their full set of dentures because their oral structures will change shape as they heal, which alters how a denture would fit. In these cases, we can place “immediate dentures” right after the teeth are extracted and then create the permanent dentures after the healing process is complete. This prevents patients from needing to go for any length of time without their teeth.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, including complete dentures, call Acadia Family Dentistry in Thibodaux, LA today! Our office can be reached at (985) 303-2920.

Dr. Jared Palmer, Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Jared Palmer - Acadia Family Dentistry

Dr. Jared Palmer graduated with distinction from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2005.

Dr. Palmer has put numerous hours into continuing education, gaining certification in IV sedation, Botox, implant placement, Invisalign, and root canal therapy to augment his current skills.

He strives every day to try and make the dental experience as light-hearted as possible.

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