Covid-19 Health Update

Acadia Family Dentistry considers the health and safety of our patients and staff as our highest priority. We have implemented some additional precautionary measures apart from the universal precautions to ensure the health and well-being of everyone. Some of these measures are:
  • Scheduling high-risk patients at designated times
  • Subjecting all patients to a temperature scan at the entrance to ensure their temperatures are below 100.4 degrees.
  • Disinfecting reception room, check-in and check-out countertops and bathrooms every hour, and wiping doorknobs and sinks with disinfectant regularly.
  • Hydrogen peroxide rinses provided before treatment begins.
  • All patients will call to notify staff of their arrivals and wait in the car until they are ready to be seen.
  • Removing magazines, toys, and non-essential items from the reception room.
  • Practicing social distancing: which includes no handshaking and hugging.
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Root canal therapy saves teeth in Thibodaux, LA

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You only get 32 adult teeth. That sounds like a lot, but except for wisdom teeth, you need all of them. With techniques like dental implants, bridges, and partial dentures, most teeth can be replaced. However, there is no substitute quite as good as nature’s design. Root canal therapy is a means to save a tooth and prevent tooth extraction. At Acadia Family Dentistry in Thibodaux LA, the procedure is low stress.

Understanding endodontic therapy

At the center of each tooth is a mass of vascular and nerve tissues. When untreated decay or trauma compromises the protective enamel covering and hard dentin substructure, oral bacteria make their way to this area. Nerves become inflamed and painful pressure builds in the pulp chamber. You may develop a nagging toothache that comes and goes. The tooth could cause pain when you bite down or be unusually sensitive to heat and cold. In other cases, you simply wake up with acute pain and a swollen face.

Root canal treatment gets you out of discomfort quickly by removing the source of the pain – nerves in the tooth.

  • At Acadia Family Dentistry, getting a root canal is about like getting a filling. It just takes a little longer.
  • Job number one is ensuring your comfort. This may start with a course of antibiotics or a prescription for oral pain medication.
  • Once in the chair, your mouth is thoroughly numbed, bringing immediate relief.
  • If you are very nervous about endodontic services, the doctor may suggest inhaled nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to help you relax.
  • The tooth is opened, which alleviates internal pressure.
  • Damaged structure and tooth infection are removed.
  • The pulp is removed, and canals are sanitized.
  • The opening is sealed, and the tooth is protected with a temporary composite restoration.
  • You return in several weeks to have a permanent porcelain crown made and replaced in one day.
  • With good oral hygiene, the treated tooth may last as long as any other in your smile.
Root Canal - Thibodaux, LA

Are you looking for a root canal dentist with experience caring for the people of Thibodaux LA and nearby communities of Houma, Chackbay, Labadieville, Schriever, Raceland and Gray? Call Acadia Family Dentistry at (985) 303-2920 to take advantage of the benefits of root canal therapy in Thibodaux ,LA.

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